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2 weeks ago, Directions University pulled together a team of bestselling authors, publishers, and experts on writing and making your book a bestseller.

These experts all have one thing in common: they can walk onto virtually any “stage” in their niche as a featured guest, speaker, and Authority in their niche…

… because of their books!

Not just because they wrote a book or two. But because they got themselves on a bestseller list. One is even a New York Times bestseller and he shared exactly how he accomplished the most major feat in publishing you can pull off!

You’ve been wanting more authority…
More joint ventures…
More email subscribers…
And more customers.

You want to become a “thought leader” in your market so that everything can be easier, more effortless in your business growth.

The Entrepreneurial Authoring Workshop will show you exactly how you can do all of the above!

–> https://askggg.com/eaw

Writing and taking a book to bestseller status grants you an elite pass into the world of opened doors. A club that gains you an audience with the biggest names in your industry and access to their massive audiences.

This Friday, we’re continuing the training with experts like:

– Elsom Eldridge, Author of “The Obvious Expert”

– Scott Manning, An All-Star Leveragist

– Ira Rosen and Cory Michael Sanchez, LinkedIn for Authors

– Gina Gaudio-Graves, “The JV Queen” and Dean & Founder of Directions University

– Jack Humphrey, Author of Bending the Web, Power Linking, and The Authority Black Book and Associate Dean of Directions University

> Join us on Friday for the Entrepreneurial Authoring Workshop:

—> https://askggg.com/eaw

We’ll all be on hand to help you EASILY write that book that’s burning in your heart and take it to bestseller status!

It is no small thing to write a bestseller. But we make it a LOT easier and faster than you think it can be done. We can help  you get this lifetime accomplishment DONE and make it something you, your family, your partners, and your customers will be very proud to share with the world!

> Join us on Friday for the Entrepreneurial Authoring Workshop:

—> https://askggg.com/eaw

To Your Abundant Authoring Success!

Gina Gaudio-Graves
“The JV Queen”
Dean & Founder, Directions University

P.S. The first two days of this incredible workshop are waiting for you inside! Once you sign up at:

—> https://askggg.com/eaw

you will gain instant access to a day and a half of amazing, eye-opening training the likes of which you’ve never experienced! Then on Friday we put a bow on the sessions and give you the keys to a new Kingdom of success as a bestselling author! Join Us!

—> https://askggg.com/eaw



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