What follows is an email sent by my partner, the Associate Dean of Directions University, Jack Humphrey, to his subscribers tonight.

I’m sending it to you so you can get to know the man who’s playing a BIG role in DU a little better…


You won’t see another email like this one from anyone else…ever.

As I sat down to write this tonight, I was thinking about what I sent you the last couple of weeks about the workshop, starting at 12pm est on Thursday, 6/26.

I read through the mails and I re-read the offer here:  https://www.askggg.com/associatespecial

And then it hit me…

I couldn’t possibly offer you ANYTHING better as incentive to join us on the Entrepreneurial Authoring Workshop unless I offered you a Golden Freakin’ Unicorn!

Yes, on top of total business success, on top of finally achieving every dag on thing you’ve ever set  out to do in business and life, everyone’s getting a Golden Freakin’ Unicorn. (G.F.U.)


Because SO MANY people are not yet registered for the workshop, I guess I just didn’t make a good enough offer.

Because everyone knows it’s super simple to build a multi-million dollar business. The last 32 emails in your inbox said as much, right?

Everyone knows it’s child’s play to figure out themselves how to write a best-selling book, available in 35 countries and 9 different languages.



“I’m not impressed, Jack. I want something MORE than a successful business, lots of customers, and a bustling bank account. I want a Golden Freakin’ Unicorn, too!”

Well, you asked, and I’m delivering!

ON TOP of learning how to have everything you’ve ever said you’ve wanted out of a successful business, ON TOP of achieving personal and financial success, and ON TOP of being known as a bestselling author worldwide….

…you’re also getting a Golden Freakin’ Unicorn!

Because you obviously have dozens (if not more) iron-clad ways of achieving all the rest (because you haven’t yet registered for the workshop, you see) I know I have to raise my game.

But Wait! On top of the G.F.U. (Golden Freakin’ Unicorn), if you act in your own best interest in the next 30 minutes, I will also throw in your
own personal wish-granting fairy from the land of Faeries!

You will be able to ask for 14 wishes before your fairy flies back to fairly land!

Seriously. There’s nothing more important in your inbox right now. You won’t get any offer to help you succeed that is bigger than this. Sincerely, I had to do something to either get you to take your own success seriously, or simply leave this list.

I won’t make a better offer than this – ever.

Don’t stay subscribed because you think something better is coming. I only ever promise the best training, advice, and strategies I can deliver to you for succeeding with your business. That’s all I ever promised.

I never promised you a Unicorn. Nor a wish-granting fairy. I shouldn’t have to. Google will tell you everything you need to know about my
experience and my proven track record to help people like you over the last 16 years.

I’ve helped tens of thousands of grateful students and clients over the years. What they say about me is in the archives of Google.com and all over my sites.

That should be enough. If you’re serious, it is MORE than enough. It’s time to stop searching for Unicorns and Fairies and GET SERIOUS.


Register now: https://www.askggg.com/associatespecial

(Fairies and Golden Freakin’ Unicorns not actually provided. Mainly because they don’t exist. But also because you don’t need those things to succeed with your business dreams. You just don’t.)

With Tough Love,

Jack Humphrey
Golden Freakin’ Unicorn Wrangler and Fairy Catcher

Seriously, I’m not kidding, go…now…


Now do you see why I’ve asked Jack to partner with me on DU? Wow!

Since Jack and I are hosting the Entrepreneurial Authoring Workshop TOGETHER, and I know you’re going to be there to get your G.F.U., I’ll be looking forward to getting to know you then!

To Your Abundant Authoring Success!

Gina Gaudio-Graves
“The JV Queen”
Dean & Founder, DirectionsUniversity.com

Jack Humphrey


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