At the end of this email, you’ll find the link that will let you get your own Virtual Assistant (VA) for 1 month at absolutely NO cost whatsoever! But before I tell you how to do that, I have a few things to share…

Over the last few weeks, you’ve probably read a few of my emails telling you to “Become a Best Selling Author”.

Many subscribers have emailed questions after reading those emails.

Rather than respond one by one, the answers are being sent in this email so that you and ALL of the DU subscribers can get the answers as well…

QUESTION: Can I turn my book into a New York Times Best Seller if I publish it using Create Space or if I self publish it?

ANSWER: Publishing a book with no publisher, no distribution and no marketing plan is a prescription for no sales, no credibility, and no success!

Our world is constantly moving, changing and expanding.

If you’re an author without a high-end publisher to market and distribute your book, you are no longer considered to be a credible author.

While using Create Space or any other vehicle that allows you to Self Publish your book is possible, and it is even enough to turn your book into an Amazon Best Seller (provided you know how to do the marketing yourself!), it’s usually quite unlikely that your book will go on to become either a New York Times Best Seller or a Wall Street Journal Best Seller.

In today’s world, books are written to build businesses, NOT to sell books.

So, if your book isn’t a Home Run, then it probably means that your business gains no momentum whatsoever from ALL the work you put into your book.

What this really means is that when it comes to authoring a book, and the way in which you do it and publish it -– your business is either adapting or it’s dying.

And the latter is not an option for you!

So then, how do you go about changing with the times and making sure your business and your book stakes its claim on the massive book market out there?

What do you need to know, what can you expect, and whom can you trust?

Let Directions University dispell some common myths (which is really just a nice way of saying lies) you may come across on your mission to finding success in book publishing!

Join us this week on Thursday, 6/26 (from Noon to 6pm eastern) and Friday, 6/27 (from 9am to 6:30pm eastern) for the “Entrepreneurial Authoring VIRTUAL Workshop”.

This jam-packed training will help you to better understand most important myths you need to be aware of before you decide on how you’ll write your book, publish your book, and market your book!

You’ll find ALL the details at:


Even if you can’t attend this workshop live, in person, the recordings of it will be available not later than next Tuesday, July 1st. And, you could still join us for the Follow Up Session on Friday, July 11th (from Noon to 4pm eastern).

NOTE: The link above takes you to a VERY special. more than 50% off discount on the DU Associate Program. As you’ll see, it will allow you to attend this Workshop for just $97!

AND — you’ll still get ALL the bonuses included with the Workshop sold separately! That means that you’ll get a month of Virtual Assistant Servie (regularly $397!), just for Reserving Your Seat right now!

Think of all that you can use your new VA for…

… setting up your Social media profiles
… putting great content out on social media
… helping you to create and distribute videos to promote your book and your business
… and MUCH more!

That one bonus is work 4x the tuition to attend this one Workshop!


See you on Thursday!

To Your Abundant Authoring Success!

Gina Gaudio-Graves
“The JV Queen”
Dean & Founder,

P.S. If you’d like a “sneak peek” of what you’ll learn when you attend this 1 1/2 day VIRTUAL Workshop, watch the replay of the Preview Webinar! It’s at the top of the page and you don’t even need to opt in to watch it! It’s at:



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