I can’t believe how long it’s been since I updated this blog!  It’s been a busy year and it seems I’ve been neglecting readers at Ask GGG and have instead focused all my efforts on the new blog over at Directions University.  But as my grandmother always used to say, “There’s no time like the present to make things right again!”  (She was a very wise woman!)

There are 2 things that I want to bring you up to speed on, and they’re both related …

First, I wanted to introduce you to a few people.  They are:

  • John Cussons – John is from Canada.  His passion is anything having to do with marketing and making money online.  He’s dubbed himself “Mr. Emotions” and it’s a name that fits him like a glove!  Having a success mindset has really spurred him into ACTION in a big way this year!
  • Duane Ford – Duane is another neat guy, from Florida.  He’s passionate about improving himself and it shows through BIG TIME on his blog at Success Myths Uncovered!  This guy is one insightful writer and his words of wisdom are gems!
  • Michael Spindelman – Michael is an engineer by trade.  His primary focus is on helping people better manage both their time and their lives.  He is an astute student of the universal laws and his insights can sometimes be mind boggling!  When he’s willing to truly FOCUS, though, his guidance is like gold!
  • Edi Carlisle – Edi lives in Chile, but she’s originally from the US.  She’s a Reiki Master, an Energy Specialist, a Massage Therapist, and many more such titles.  Her passion is teaching ANYTHING!
  • Carl Tambeau – Carl lives in Canada.  His pasison is self improvement.  He’s got one heck of a mindset going in spite of past personal and professional challenges.  Nothing can stop this guy!
  • Lori Saulibio – Lori’s from Hawaii.  She works for the government today, but dreams of getting her business to a point where she will no longer have to hold a job outside the home at all.  She is one heck of a hard worker, too!  She manages to work full time, take care of her kids, AND build a business online!

What is it that all 6 people have in common?

They are all past winners of the 30–Day IM Challenge!  They also all say that their participation in the 30–Day IM Challenge was a “life changing experience”!

As past winners, each of these people won some type of coaching with me personally.  And, as a result of their experience in the 30–Day IM Challenge, each one became serious enough about their business to enroll in The IM University’s Graduate Apprenticeship Program, a one-year intensive program designed to help you bring in a 5–figure monthly income through the business you build online during the program.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Because the 30–Day IM Challenge kicks off every 5 to 6 weeks, you can register ANYTIME and still get access to ALL of the 16+ Lessons, Action Steps, and Resource Lists o you can get started getting results in your business anytime you’re ready!

That means that you can register RIGHT NOW, for FREE and have a life changing experience for yourself by learning to live the life of your dreams through building a business using the power of the internet.  You’ll find all the details at:  Register for the 30–Day IM Challenge

The 30–Day IM Challenge will walk you through every step of the process, one small step at a time.  The 16+ Lessons, totaling more than 750+ pages, cover a variety of topics including:

  1. Time Management, Mindset, Goal Setting & Strategic Planning
  2. Choosing Your Target Market and Your Products (i.e. What is your niche?)
  3. Your Profit Funnel (i.e. What products will you sell?)
  4. Your Web Presence (i.e. Setting up Your WordPress Blog)
  5. Resources for Creating Your Web Presence
  6. Increasing Your Traffic (it’s all about having a traffic generation SYSTEM that you repeat every day)
  7. Building Your Business on a Solid Foundation (without a solid foundation, you’re business is going to fail!)
  8. Avoiding the “Price Wars” Game (Competing on price is not only going to decrease your profits, it’s also going to decrease the demand for your products!  You MUST avoid this at all costs or your business will NEVER succeed!)
  9. Developing Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  10. Building Strategic Relationships (With the development of Web 2.0, the internet is all about relationships.  Build them strategically and you’ll totally DOMINATE your market every time!)
  11. Copywriting (Good copywriting skills must be learned.  Without the right message, no amount of traffic is going to make your business successful!)
  12. Traffic Generation and List Building (these go hand in hand!)
  13. Using Blogs, Forums, and Article Marketing (Just because everyone is talking about Web 2.0 doesn’t mean that you should forget about the good ole’ days when Forums and Article Marketing were the ONLY way to drive traffic!  They are just as effective today!  And when you combine them with Web 2.0 strategies, look out!)
  14. Tying It All Together With Info Products (Remember — this is the “Information Super Highway”.  People are online because they want INFORMATION, not “stuff”.  So give it to them — AND — use the information to sell the “stuff”!)
  15. Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances (As “The JV Queen”, I would be completely remiss if I didn’t share my strategies for building some of the most profitable joint ventures online!)
  16. and MORE!

As a 30–Day IM Challenge Member, you’ll have access to all of the Lessons, Directions University Classroom (our forum where students are actively discussing their businesses and what they’re doing to build them), and the daily podcasts with tips for implementing all that you’re learning.

But after you register for the Challenge, watch for instructions on becoming a Gold Challenge Member.  As a Gold Challenge Member, you’ll also have access to the LIVE Weekly Teleconferences where you’ll get my personal help building YOUR business and critiques of your website(s), blogs and business plans.  You’ll get mp3 recordings of all 4 calls too. 

AND — you’ll even get the mp3 recordings from all of the calls held for previous Challenges! The topics don’t repeat from one Challenge to the next.  Rather, new calls are added to help ensure that you’ll get as much help as you’ll need to rapidly get your business up, running, and actually getting RESULTS!

Whether you’re brand new to having a business and you’re still kicking around ideas for what kind of business you want, or you’ve already got a business up and running but it’s just not seeing the kinds of results that you dream about, the 30–Day IM Challenge will help you build a business that can bring you a 5–figure monthly income quickly!

Register now at: http://www.30DayIMChallenge.com

To Your Abundant Online Success!

Gina Gaudio-Graves

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