In my last several posts, I’ve shared with you some great tips on using Facebook to drive more traffic to your websites.  Here’s what you’ve missed so far:

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Today we’re going to cover using Facebook groups to drive traffic.

Facebook Groups can be used in 2 different ways to bring you more exposure, traffic, and sales.  You can either:

a)  Join other people’s groups and use a powerful signature line to drive traffic, OR
b)  Start your own group, build a relationship with your members, and be perceived as an “expert” or “influencer” to drive traffic, exposure, and sales

Let’s talk about how you can use both options.

Before we get into the specifics of Facebook Groups, it’s important to understand WHY Groups are so powerful.

Groups of any sort — whether in Facebook, MySpace, or ordinary forums — allow you to build relationships.  You want to make sure that the Groups that you use to build these relationships are Groups that are used by your ideal prospects, i.e. your target market.

Relationships are the KEY to building your business — especially on the internet.

Not only can relationships allow you to develop some great business contacts and as well as friendships, but they can be much more important than either of them. 

The KEY to being successful in your business is to “become an influencer”.  What I mean by this is that you want to adopt a mindset of an expert in your niche.  This is in part why it’s important to follow your passions in your business.  It makes it easier to have the mindset of an expert.

As an expert, you go out and hold conversations with the people in your niche.  These people are your “target market”.

While you are holding these conversations, you are becoming an “influencer”.  As an influencer, you merely need to put your products in front of your audience in order to have them follow your lead.

This is very different than the outright selling that used to work in the early days of the internet.  Much of that outright selling was downright hypy.  In today’s internet, it just doesn’t work.

Now, with a better understanding of why it’s important to become an expert and an influencer in your market, let’s talk about how Facebook groups can help you in your business.


First, let’s go over how joining groups can help you.

By joining groups you are able to build relationships and keep up with current ones.  Think of this as just another avenue to use in relationship building.

Spend time in these groups to answer questions that others are asking.  Make sure that you TALK LIKE AN EXPERT!  That’s what will allow others to perceive you as an expert.

It’s ok for you to start some of the conversations.  But you’ll make more headway in terms of driving traffic (and even in building relationships) when you are actually jumping into other people’s conversastions in groups that you did not start.  In this way, you are essentially ADDING VALUE to what is already there.

Make sure that for any Group you participate in, you use a signature line that has a catchy moniker for yourself — one that arouses curiosity about what you do — and includes a link to your website. 

Don’t just use some boring title like “President” or “Internet Marketer”.  Everybody knows what those mean and they don’t need to visit your website to figure it out.

Instead, try something a little more unique.  One of my aunts used to call herself the “Chief Cook and Bottle Washer”.  She was a homemaker.  That’s the kind of moniker you want to develop for yourself.

NOTE:  Using words like “Author” and “Coach” or “Mentor” within your moniker can be extremely powerful as they automatically suggest that you are an expert.  However, don’t use them on their own.


One of the easiest ways to get results from Faceook is to develop your own groups.  One of the biggest benefits of doing so is that you will be able to email members of your group directly.

As with groups you join, it is even MORE IMPORTANT in a Group that you find to truly sound like you re an expert in your niche.  The better job you do in becoming that expert, the more people will be willing to join you.

The biggest reason to start your own Facebook groups is that you will be able to send messages directly to your prospects through a broadcast feature.  This essentially allows you to build an opt in list right inside of Facebook.

At the same time, it puts you in a position of not only building your profile, but speficlly, as a means of developing a relationship with your audience, allowing them to perceive you an expert you can turn to at will.

Since Group owners can use the broadcast feature of the group to email all members at once, this is a great way to build a large list of TARGETED prospects quickly, easily, and at practically NO CO’ST!

So how will you get traffic to your new Group and your new profile?

This part is simple …

You go to the advanced search option of Facebook and you search for those individuals who have interests in common with what you are doing.  Then invite them to join you.  Make sure that you have either a P.S. at the end of your message that leads your prospect to your website OR on the pages for the Group, have a very low kep way of making product recommendations.

Both of these can be equally effective.  By building a relationship through the Group, you will become an influencer, allowing your friends to take part in your group AND to allow your friends to be exposed to your products in a very low key manner.

This way you can invite all your new friends to be a part of your Group.  Consider adding a Facebook Application called “Tell A Friend”.  You’ll find this at (just like you found the application for adding your blog to your profile.

Use your Group to ask questions of your members.  This can help you in a number of ways:

1)  You will have a better idea of what products they are looking for
2)  You can start posts that teach your audience how to do something.  At the end of that post, merely give the reader a link to a product that can help them to get better results, faster results, etc. 
3)  REMEMBER:  No matter what, you are talking like an EXPERT in your group.  As your relationships grow, and as people begin to think of you as a credible expert in your group, it will be even easier for people to see you as an infuencer and they will almost immediately follow your recommendations.

As with groups that you join that were started by other people, keep the number of threads that you start yourself down to a minimum.  Instead, go into the forum and respond to the questions being asked by other members rather than starting new threads yourself.  This is how you become an expert in your niche.

You can give advice or if you have a product that is a solution for those in your market, you can simply show them how your product solves their problem.  This low key way of making sales can indirectly give tips to your market, helping once again, to allow you become an expert and an influencer.

This will allow you to drive a ton of traffic back to your website or blog, where you will be able to turn those visitors into subscribers and purchasers of your low end, entry level product.

Once you have had an opportunity to see what works in your niche and in your business, develop a system for driving traffic (and sales) consistently.  Your system could look something like this:

a)  Add 100 friends per day, inviting each one to join my group
b)  Placing a graphic for your group in the upper right corner of your profile.  This will allow people to find the Group quickly and easily.
c)  Each day, visit a certain number of groups started by others and create a certain number of posts on each group. I recommend visiting 5 to 8 groups each day, making 1 to 4 posts on each one.  NOTE:  Don’t forget to include yur signature line!

Momre than anything — Have a good time while doing this on Facebook!  It doesn’t need to be difficult at all.

Also, keep in mind that your efforts on Facebook are only 1 tiny portion of your overall traffic generation system for your business.  Your total “system” for driving traffic might look like this:

*  Post a new article on your blog each day.  Your RSS Feed application will show the new post on your Facebook profile almost immediately.
*  Ping the search engines
*  Add your blog post to various social bookmarking sites each day.
*  Comment on at least 5 blogs with a PR rank of 5 or better each day.  Include both a link to your blog and an invitation to join your Facebook Group.
*  Visit at least 5 forums in your niche each day.  Invite those members (either through a new thread or through a comment on an existing thread) to chat more about the topic in your Facebook Group.
*  etc.

There are many different things that you can include in your traffic generation plan.  You want to keep it as simple as possible while at the same time, maximizing the number of visitors you bring in from your efforts.

The key here is CONSISTENCY!  Make sure that you are doing something each and every day to drive even more traffic.

Stay tuned for Part 5 of Using Facebook.

To Your Abundant Online Success!

Gina Gaudio-Graves

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