In my last few posts, I’ve shared a few strategies for using Facebook. You’ll find those posts at:

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Hopefully, you have had the time now to start your Facebook or use some of the tips given earlier.

Today, I wanted to fill you in on how to incorporate your blogs into your Facebook profile.

By doing this, it is another great way to get potential customers to read what you have written and start building a relationship with them.  In other words, using your Facebook profile in this way will drive more traffic to your website.

Also, adding a link to your blog on your Facebook profile is a great way to get an external link on your Facebook Page.

So how do you add you blog to your Facebook page?

You’re going to want to use your RSS Feed to do this.  That way, each time you add a new post to your blog, it will automatically appear in your profile.  Visitors will even be able to subscribe to your feed directly from your Facebook page.

To add the RSS Feed application to your profile, open a new tab or window in your browser, so that you have 2 windows to work in.  Open your Facebook profile in one window and in the other, go to

This page lists all of the applications available for use in Facebook.  It will sort those applications by recently popular, most activity, most active users and newest.  This allows you to see what others are using.

You can search for any application you may be looking for.  In this case, you want to search for “blogging”.

This will bring up all the applications that are available to you. Pick which one that you think will benefit you the most.  The one that I like the best is “Blog RSS Feed Reader“.

Once you have added the application, then go to the add + link.  This will bring up a page that will allow you to add the feed as well as a link to your website.

You’ll see a ton of different options.  This covers things like how many posts you want to show at one time, how often you want the feed to be updated, etc. 

You’ll want to show at least 5 posts and have the feed updated at least once per day (more often if you blog a lot more frequently).  This way, each time that you post to your blog this application will populate it into Facebook for you!

This feature really allows you to expand the use of your Facebook account and let your friends see what your doing. 

REMEMBER, your friends could be may become some of your many new customers.

If you’re doing a good job of monetizing your blog, the new traffic should bring in sales as well.  Now your job is to add more friends to your Facebook profile each and every day, helping to bring even more visitors to your website.

Stay tuned for more to come on using Facebook.


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