I got an email from one of my subscribers today.  His name is Wade.

Ordinarily, I don’t share subscribers emails with my readers.  But in this case, you can learn a lot about blogging by reading my answer.

Here’s what Wade wrote:

I’d like to ask for your > assistance on my “WordPress Blog”.
It is listed at  “Wadeg.wordpress.com”. I need some
feedback and  assistance in jumpstarting the generating of
income. I need some constructive critisim. Could I make a
 product out of my content?

Thank you,

You can follow along as I critique the blog and give Wade some suggestions for monetizing his blog!
I’ve posted my complete critique on my new blog at:
I hope you’ll join me there!
To Your Abundant Success!
Gina Gaudio-Graves
P.S.  I almost forgot something — if you need a list of sites that you should be pinging, my newest package called “Giveaway Secrets of The JV Queen” has one in it.  Although the title of the course implies that it is about JV Giveaways, that is only partially correct.  The course is really about getting results from your blog AND about building a list using JV Giveaways.  It’s one awesome course! You’ll find it at:

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