My husband, Bill, and I have no children.  And it shows!  Our only “child” is our 14 1/2 year old terrier, “Cary Dog”.

Now, this is embarrasing to admit, but we even call ourselves “Momma Dog” and “Daddy Dog” sometimes.

It gets worse …

When we’re joking around, we like to pretend that Cady D. is taking part in the conversation.  Sometimes I get to talk for him in a cutely little, high-pitched voice, and other times Bill gets to talk for him in the same little squeaky voice.

Tonight was one of those times we were joking around.

Cary D. (Bill) had just said “Mom, I LOVE to give you lickies!  Especially when you give me cookies because you liked them!”

He went on to ask, “Mom, if I teach other dogs how to give good lickies, can I get even more cookies?

When I heard this question, I immediately had a vision of little Cary D. becoming an infoproduct marketer and I burst out laughing!

But then I got to thinking …

If Cary D. wanted to become an info product creator, what would he need to do?

Well, it wouldn’t be any different that if he were a human, actually.  To become an infopreneur, both a dog and a human would start in the same exact place.

In fact, just the night before I had given this very same advice to one of my interns. 

Where would Cary D. and my intern start to become a successful infopreneur?

Before either one could go into the info product business, they’d have to become an EXPERT in their niche.

Ok, that was easy enough.  But HOW would they become experts?

This is another easy one.  Do you know the answer?

Sure, they’d have to have at least a working knowledge of the topic they chose for an expertise, but neither one would need anything more than a “basic” knowledge really.

What they would need though is a true BELIEF that they are an expert!

You see, if they don’t believe that they are experts, why should anyone else believe them either? (Yeah, I know, dumb question, right?)

But, if they believe in themselves, and ACT like experts, then other people will see them as experts and even TREAT them as experts as well!

It’s all a part of the MINDSET.

If you want to succeed in your business, you must BELIEVE that you can succeed first.  If you don’t believe that you can succeed, failure will become a self fulfilling prophecy.

At the same time, if you BELIEVE that you can succeed, you will ACT as though you can succeed as well.

And, guess what?  The more you ACT like you can succeed, the more likely it is that you WILL succeed, too!

On the other hand, if you truly don’t believe in yourself 100%, and you don’t treat yourself as though you can succeed, even your language will suggest that you cannot succeed.

For example, one of my students who is constantly struggling with mindset, often makes comments like “Well, I’ll send that out to my list, but I know they won’t buy” or “I made a video the other day, but I know I didn’t do a great job”.

It’s the second part of each of those two phrases that prevent that student from succeeding. 

Phrases like “I know they won’t buy” and “I know I didn’t do a great job” are just plain negative!  Negativity can literally kill you AND it will kill your business too! 

You cannot afford to have ANY negativity in your life at all. 

  • Not in your language. 
  • Not in your actions. 
  • Not in what you come into contact with.

Believe me on this one!  It almost killed me back in 2005 and it would have, too, if I hadn’t taken massive action to remove ALL negativity from my life.  And, as I did that, there was a side effect that I never expected.  My business EXPLODED! 

(If you haven’t read my story before, click here to login to and read it now.)

Enough of that, let’s get back to Cary D. becoming an infopreneur …

Here’s the process that he (YOU) would take to become a successful infoproduct creator:

1)  Determine what it is that you are passionate about (for Cary D. it’s lickies)

2)  Do your research to make sure that others will BUY what it is that you are passionate about (Mom gives Cary D. cookies in return for the lickies!)

3)  Get your MINDSET right by:

a)  KNOW that you are an expert.  KNOW that you will succeed.

b)  ACT like the expert you know that you are.  ACT like you are successful.

c)  GET RID of any negative language, actions, or thoughts

Leave any one of these out and you’ll never reach the success you desire.  Get all of them right and you’re on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur!

To Your Abundant Success!

Gina Gaudio-Graves

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