In my last email, I told you a little about DU’s newest Strategic Alliance Partners, the guys over at Appzine Machine.

Today, I’d like to help you better understand why I was so excited when I reconnected with Len Wright…

As an entrepreneur, you’re always looking for new, innovative ways of driving more traffic and reaching more people.

But, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, the idea of driving more traffic usually includes feelings like “That’s a lot of work.” or “That’s going to cost me thousands of $$.”

Well, what if you could drive more traffic, reach a bigger audience, add new streams of in’come, and it not only wouldn’t cost you ANYTHING and could even provide you with more Influence and Credibility?

Would that be something you’d be interested in?

And — what if it meant that your business could instantly have a Mobile App that would make your prospects and customers see you as being on the cutting edge of technology, so that they’d want to do business with you over and over again?

Here’s the best part…


What if it meant that you could engage your prospects and customeres for more than 48 minutes in a single visit?

(If you understand that s’ales are fueled by conversions, and that conversions are fueled by engagement, you understand how very VALUABLE it can be to engage anyone for more than a minute around your message.)

That’s what we’re really talking about here.

It’s a strategy that can let you cash in on the exploding mobile magazine turnkey business.

Golden nuggets right up until the end!


If you are serious about wanting a proven, “non-techy” way to make it big in mobile, THIS is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

You will have full access to the easy-to-use toolkit to build, run and manage your mobile business.

Plus, you’ll get the EXACT system (used by the best mobile publishers in the industry) to score more traffic

and more monthly in’come (both from se’lling whatever you currently offer as well as the added in’come streams this will give you).

Imagine waking up tomorrow and having an entire turnkey solution to bringing in THOUSANDS of highly targeted customers in your market, through your brand new, highly desirable Digital Magazine, delivered through your brand new mobile app in a way that would let you go out and live whatever lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about…

what could be better?

This is your chance to turbo-charge your success in the mobile market AND change your lifestyle forever.


To Your Abundant Magazine Success!

Gina Gaudio-Graves
“The JV Queen”
Dean & Founder,

P.S. — “If I could watch 1 video ever, this would be it because it shows you the real-world operations of highly profitable, turnkey, lifestyle business.”


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